The Fenders are model specific high impact plastic fender sets available for all Sun Seeker recumbents.

  • Fender set made of black high impact plastic with a glossy finish
  • Stainless steel stays
  • Front & rear set
29996  16/20″EZ-Classic
29996  16/20″EZ-1 SX/AX
29996  16/20″EZ-Sport CX/AX
29996  16/20″X2 CX/AX
Trikes (Delta)Fits
29201  16/20×2″EZ-3 SX
29201  16/20×2″EZ-3 USX HD & Eco-Delta
29201  16/20×2″X3-USX
29201  16/20×2″X3-AX
29201  16/20×2″Eurus
Trikes (Tadpole)Fits
29665  20x20x2″EZ-Tad 08 & Eco-Tad
29665  20x20x2″T3- CX/AX
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