Tadpole Trikes

Tadpole trikes are just plain fun. You have a low center of gravity and handling is like being on rails.


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E-Fat Tad Electric Assist TadpoleE-Fat Tad Electric Assist Tadpole
Fat-Tad CXs TadpoleFat-Tad CXs Tadpole
Fat-Tad CXs Tadpole Sale price$2,499.99
T3 CX TadpoleT3 CX Tadpole
T3 CX Tadpole Sale price$2,299.99
EZ-TAD SX TadpoleEZ-TAD SX Tadpole
EZ-TAD SX Tadpole Sale price$2,019.99
Eco-Tad SX Tadpole Sale price$1,399.99
E-Eco Tad Electric Assist TadpoleE-Eco Tad Electric Assist Tadpole